Why add unnecessary expenses to your travel when you can choose excess baggage services?

Why add unnecessary expenses to your travel when you can choose excess baggage services?

Travelling can be expensive, especially if you choose to check in your heavy baggage at the airport instead of using excess baggage courier services offered by Express Air Logistics. This service has been put in place to cater to those who love travelling without compromising. You no longer have to think about leaving the items you want to travel with as we have no size restrictions.

You can travel with anything and everything you want when you choose our Excess baggage courier service. It is an easy and economical alternative to checking in your luggage with your airlines. All airlines have a specific weight limit when it comes to luggage and surpassing that could lead to heavy charges.

Express Air Logistics can help you ship your luggage to anywhere on the globe at a reasonable price and without any size restrictions. The biggest advantage of using our excess baggage courier service is that you can travel with comfort while we deliver your luggage to your place of convenience.

Instead of waiting for a long time at the airport to collect your luggage or worrying about it being lost in transit, you can lay back and enjoy your vacation as we take care of the entire courier process for your luggage and ensure that it arrives at the destination on time. You don’t have to worry about customs, handling or carrying your luggage as we’ll take care of your luggage from start to end. By choosing excess baggage courier service by Express Air Logistics, you’re choosing savings and increased comfort when you travel.

We have a wide range of services offered at reasonable prices, added discounts and special packages for our customers. Planning a vacation? Ship your luggage with us to travel with lite weights. We’ll ship your baggage to your hotel, home or anywhere you like. In terms of pricing, you can’t beat excess baggage courier service by Express Air Logistics. Contact us to know more about our services and pricing.