Smart ways to bypass excess baggage charges

Smart ways to bypass excess baggage charges

The issue of paying for excess baggage is common usually for international travelers.  Even this issue is faced by local travelers who are taking the flight for their destination.  The issue of excess baggage charges usually makes the traveler disappointed and he/she needs to think again before travelling.  At times, one cannot reduce the number of baggage for various reasons.  This is the reason why in this blog we will discuss some smart ways to reduce or avoid the baggage charges, which would make the travel enjoyable and cherish able experience for one and all.

1)      Discount airfare deals:  Know which airlines you are travelling and how much they charge for the baggage plus ticket.  You can seem some difference in every airline.  Choose the one that is economical and in which you do not have to may lot for your baggage.

2)      Ultimate guide to travel packing:  Travelers who travel often can join the frequent flyer program in their favorite airline.  Usually all major airlines offer some kind of loyalty program that include baggage fee discount or waiver for elite or preferred members.

3)      Get best travel tips:  Take the airline that doesn’t change the price just for the baggage.  In such airlines the fare is fixed and this makes it easy for the travelers and they do not have to pay excess baggage charges.

4)      Take the train:  Trains usually does not charge for baggage, one can take 2 baggage’s with certain weight and this does not include the hand baggage.

5)      Ship your bags:  This is one of the best options, you can ship your baggage using a courier service and you will end up paying a very reasonable amount.

Express Air Logistics is the international courier that offers best price when you are using their service to ship your extra baggage and you can easily avoid excess baggage charges.

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