Send your luggage with us and save a significant amount of cash

Send your luggage with us and save a significant amount of cash

Excess baggage courier service has been set up to take care of the individuals who love going around the world without leaving anything behind. You never again need to think about leaving the things you need to go with as we have no size limitations. There's absolutely nothing that you can't go with when you pick our excess baggage courier service. It is a simple option in contrast to checking in your courier with your carriers.

All aircraft have a particular weight limit and exceeding the could prompt hefty charges. Express Air Logistics can assist you with delivering your courier to any place on the planet at a sensible cost and with practically no size limitations. The greatest benefit of utilizing our excess baggage courier service is that you can go with comfort while we deliver your luggage to you.

It's fast and we moreover provide GPS tracking so you can constantly know the whereabouts of your baggage. As we've partnered with the best names in the business, your luggage will get to you on time and in perfect condition. The most outstanding aspect of using our services is that there are no size limitations so you can send all sizes of couriers with us. While transporters have a specific weight limit, you can send things that cross that cutoff with us at a reasonable expense.

You don't have to worry about what you should pack and what you shouldn't when you travel! Pack every one of your things without worrying! This is especially incredible for people who are traveling for a surprisingly long time. Shipping your luggage with Express Air Logistics will ensure that your luggage reaches you at the spot and time you want it to.

It is a useful and trouble-free way to deal with traveling. We offer doorstep conveyance of your gear so whether you want it put in your hotel, home, or another spot, we can make it happen for you. Travelling can be costly, particularly if you decide to check in your heavy baggage at the air terminal as opposed to utilizing excess baggage courier service by Express Air Logistics.

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