Send anything from food to documents and merchandise with us

Send anything from food to documents and merchandise with us


Thinking about sending food across the world? Every one of the elements of the food should be recorded on the packaging and should have longer than a half year of the period of usability from the date of transportation. if the food has a more limited period of usability, it will be named perishables rather than nonperishables and won't be permitted to be sent using a courier. You should investigate these subtleties cautiously.

We outfit your courier with GPS tracking assistance which will assist your clients with setting their confidence in you and will assist them with returning to purchase from you. This part will likewise hold the courier back from showing up at the wrong destination or getting lost. You and your client can have certainty realizing that the courier will show up at the same objective as that of your client at their optimal spot.

Safety is most likely the best benefit of using International air cargo services by Express Air Logistics. We shop with the best messenger carriers which are known for their first-class benefits and on-time conveyances. Assuming your cherished one is away from home and missing the treats that you used to give them, you can send food items with Express Air Logistics International air cargo services.

We've assembled a particular list of services that take care of every one of your requirements. Regardless of whether it's sending food or documents, we can help you. There are many things you should know before attempting to send food to another country. You should remember that you can't send any Food items that are perishables and will ruin during travel.

We ask you not to attempt to send food things that shouldn't be couriered or could prompt a refusal. You should simply follow the list of things you can send and it will arrive at your destination on schedule. Food items can be sent to another country in an issue-free way. Your courier will be handled by the best in business.

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