Choose professional courier services for on time deliveries

Choose professional courier services for on time deliveries

Your courier will be taken care of by us from start to end. We will help you pack it carefully before sending it across the globe. Every one of your parcels will be given a unique GPS tracking code which you can access at any given time. If you are sending across food that has a more limited time span of usability, it will be named perishables instead of non perishables and won't be permitted to be sent by means of courier.

You should investigate these conditions cautiously. Frozen or chilled food stuff should not be sent, consistently stick to dry food things like chips, pickles, rolls and more. Food varieties that should be in a temperature controlled climate will be ruined when they arrive at their destination. Customs officials will check for the dates on the items and so ensure that your food products have those.

Couriers might be flipped around or put in any position so you should ensure that they are packed and dispatched appropriately. Wrap things exclusively and don't cluster them together for greatest security and least harm. If your adored one is away from home and missing the consumable treats that you offered to them, you can send food things with Express Air Logistics international cargo services.

We've assembled a list of services that take into account every one of your requirements. Regardless of whether it's sending food or documents, we can help you. There is a list of things you should know prior to attempting to send food to another country.

You should remember that you can't send any food that is perishable and will ruin during travel. We suggest you not to attempt to send food items that shouldn't be couriered or it could prompt a refusal. You should simply follow the list of things you can send and it will arrive at your destination on schedule. Food varieties can be sent to another country in an issue free way.

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